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7 mai 2012 1 07 /05 /mai /2012 17:45


The following happened to me recently while visiting a friend at his match in Newcastle (called Mike Kaz ). After a boring Friday night has been going to the city of Newcastle on Saturday, and took care of his mother to care for children. We were all a little crazy to them and went to bed. I was in the closet and after an hour, my phone rang and it was a text from Mike saying ' get in our room '.. When I opened the door to the room I was surprised knealt Kaz on the floor to give a blow job Mike to see grandpastube - I felt my cock contraction.. Mike said, ' to lye with me here and they are the same to you'... I.. I broke my boxers, lay beside her and put her warm mouth around my door and worked slowly up and down ( not much better my friend ) - I could not believe it coz it was definitely grandpastube no sign of him while were gone..... It sucked and then stopped and sat on my stomach in front of me and slowly relaxed riding her wet pussy on my grandpastube cock rock hard and put me on... Mike knelt beside mehis cock just inches from his face and began to suck the teats of Kaz... Now, when I was in shock, not even sure I was when Mike began to massage my balls, so I reached out and returned the favor.. (I've never had any bi trend before and it was not for Mike, but I felt natural in the heat of the moment)... an even bigger surprise was to come when Mike knealt then at the end of the bed and licked and sucked my balls ! !... Kaz indicate a change in the position because I think it must have felt that there was far grandpastube to shoot.... They were relieved after her pussy on my kite and move on, so in a fine of 69 ( if not for the beer I think I do not cum much ).... I just entered licking their nice if Mike knealt on me and makes your dick in her... I had to return the favor to him, I raised my head and licked his balls... This desire for a few minutes if I wanted to run I said... Kaz stopped grandpastube me and splashed a big blow my spermIn the chest... Mike then did the same and shot his load into my chest... Kaz then slowly licked the game.. was an amazing night and was not repeated.
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7 mai 2012 1 07 /05 /mai /2012 17:43

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